13 - Absolutely final stage

After the final stage comes the absolutely final stage. At first, everything might be cool. You take the opportunity to do what you hadn't been able to do for a long time. But sometimes you wake up in the middle of the day - and that's the point when you realize exactly what happened. Nothing, absolutely nothing will ever be the same as it was...

fucked by love

‚When you have loved and lost, you are fucked. You don’t want to begin a new rela­tion­ship because how could you pos­si­bly LOVE another? You don’t want a fling because in the shadow of real love what would be the point? You don’t want to be alone because it hurts too much. You can’t be with the one you lost because he or she is either dead or sleep­ing with some­one else.’

"I suffer for days and weeks. I suffer." (Scene from '13 stages')
„I suffer for days and weeks. I suffer.” (Scene from ’13 stages’) (View on flickr)
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