A movie about the
thing in the world!

No matter if you are in love or broken-hearted or on a stage somewhere in between - this movie is for you! :)

'13 stages' for $5

(HD download, 27min, german + english subs)

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Read authentic love stories written by community members in the


The first date, the first sex, moving in together, breaking up - no matter at what stage you are - write a diary entry, get advice, supporting words from the community and become part of a movie!

Why can't we manage to live in a state of eternal happiness? Why are


so complicated? We do our best to get you to the bottom of this entertaining question: with expert tips, quotes, polls, lots of pics and videos about love in the 21 century...

The first date: "Don't let it get you down. The world is full of women." (Scene from '13 stages')
"Don't let it get you down. The world is full of women." (View on flickr)
Masked sex (Scene from '13 stages')
Masked sex (View on flickr)
"Where were you?" (Scene from '13 stages')
"Where were you?" (View on flickr)

The short

'13 stages' is a nice 27 minute short film. It was successfully broadcasted in 5 european countries, sold on DVD in the streets of berlin, has won several awards and was partly funded through crowdfunding.

Download it for $5!

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The feature

The short is nice but we plan on going on... We are developing a feature film about the 13 stages of 'Modern Relationships' - based on our 'community diary'. A study about Modern Relationships - a portrait of love in the 21. century. An experiment.

Contribute to 'The Diary'

... and become part of the feature!

It's YOUR story!

'13 stages' is not the usual romantic comedy. Not a voyeuristic view about the intimate secrets of other people. It's an impulse for your very own memories, your fantasy. The much more appealing and authentic love story - your own - is gonna play in YOUR HEAD (and heart) while watching the movie!

Watch the Trailer!

This is the Trailer of the German short. We plan to produce a feature in English language.

The Modern Relationship

Never before has the search for "true love" (according to official surveys) been as popular as it is today - while at the same time, never before have so many of us been so far away from this goal.

It seems that we're doing something wrong. (But what? Let's ask the experts!)
And so we stumble on... and on... from one relationship to the next in search of... well, what exactly? (Answer this here!)

To simplify things, we call this cycle "a modern relationship". On average, the modern relationship consists of 13 stages.

This movie is great!
for all people who...

  • are in love,
  • are fighting every time they see each other,
  • spend the entire day together in bed,
  • want to get over their last relationship,
  • have friends who know everything better,
  • are just moving in together,
  • or already know every secret of each other,
  • never had a serious relationship before,
  • believe in love (again),
  • or want to start over! (also again)
  • (if something is missing please write us!)

You can watch the movie:

  • alone
  • as a pair
  • with many friends
  • several times
  • daily
  • and of course: in stages!

Especially dedicated:

to all people who lost hope somewhere on their way through the eternal struggle... Chin up!

Love is a living thing!

And like every living thing, it has a beginning and an end. And every end offers the promise of another new beginning...!

Really. We promise! :)

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