A movie about the
thing in the world!

No matter if you are in love or broken-hearted or on a stage some­where in between - this movie is for you! :)

Read authen­tic love sto­ries writ­ten by com­mu­nity mem­bers in the


The first date, the first sex, moving in together, break­ing up - no matter at what stage you are - write a diary entry, get advice, sup­port­ing words from the com­mu­nity and become part of a movie!

Why can’t we manage to live in a state of eter­nal hap­pi­ness? Why are


so com­pli­cated? We do our best to get you to the bottom of this enter­tain­ing ques­tion: with expert tips, quotes, polls, lots of pics and videos about love in the 21 century...

The first date: "Don't let it get you down. The world is full of women." (Scene from '13 stages')
„Don’t let it get you down. The world is full of women.” (View on flickr)
Masked sex (Scene from '13 stages')
Masked sex (View on flickr)
"Where were you?" (Scene from '13 stages')
„Where were you?” (View on flickr)

The short

’13 stages’ is a nice 27 minute short film. It was suc­cess­fully broad­casted in 5 euro­pean coun­tries, sold on DVD in the streets of berlin, has won sev­eral awards and was partly funded through crowdfunding.

Down­load it for $5!

... or browse our shop for more options. (like the DVD.)

The feature

The short is nice but we plan on going on... We are devel­op­ing a fea­ture film about the 13 stages of ‚Modern Rela­tion­ships’ - based on our ‚com­mu­nity diary’. A study about Modern Rela­tion­ships - a por­trait of love in the 21. cen­tury. An experiment.

Con­tribute to ‚The Diary’

... and become part of the feature!

It’s YOUR story!

’13 stages’ is not the usual roman­tic comedy. Not a voyeuris­tic view about the inti­mate secrets of other people. It’s an impulse for your very own mem­o­ries, your fan­tasy. The much more appeal­ing and authen­tic love story - your own - is gonna play in YOUR HEAD (and heart) while watch­ing the movie!

Watch the Trailer!

This is the Trailer of the German short. We plan to pro­duce a fea­ture in Eng­lish language.

The Modern Relationship

Never before has the search for „true love” (accord­ing to offi­cial sur­veys) been as pop­u­lar as it is today - while at the same time, never before have so many of us been so far away from this goal.

It seems that we’re doing some­thing wrong. (But what? Let’s ask the experts!)
And so we stum­ble on... and on... from one rela­tion­ship to the next in search of... well, what exactly? (Answer this here!)

To sim­plify things, we call this cycle „a modern rela­tion­ship”. On aver­age, the modern rela­tion­ship con­sists of 13 stages.

This movie is great!
for all people who...

  • are in love,
  • are fight­ing every time they see each other,
  • spend the entire day together in bed,
  • want to get over their last relationship,
  • have friends who know every­thing better,
  • are just moving in together,
  • or already know every secret of each other,
  • never had a seri­ous rela­tion­ship before,
  • believe in love (again),
  • or want to start over! (also again)
  • (if some­thing is miss­ing please write us!)

You can watch the movie:

  • alone
  • as a pair
  • with many friends
  • sev­eral times
  • daily
  • and of course: in stages!

Especially dedicated:

to all people who lost hope some­where on their way through the eter­nal strug­gle... Chin up!

Love is a living thing!

And like every living thing, it has a begin­ning and an end. And every end offers the promise of another new beginning...!

Really. We promise! :)

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