The Modern Relationship

Why are modern relationships so complicated? Why can't we manage to live in a state of eternal happiness, forever floating around in our own 'seventh heaven'?

Get over an ex with a new relationship?

In the first sequence of the movie Julius, the main char­ac­ter in ’13 stages’, is about to commit sui­cide because he has loved and lost her. In the moment when he almost puts his foot on the heav­ily traf­ficked lane a strange woman pulls him back. She lit­er­ally saves his life - and Julius imme­di­ately falls in love with her!

Julius and Laura
Julius and Laura

In the first days Laura helps Julius to get over his last rela­tion­ship.

But... has such a rela­tion­ship a chance or is it star-crossed from the very begin­ning? Can a new lover ever help some­one to get over a seri­ous rela­tion­ship or do we just take advan­tage of them?

Get over an ex with a new relationship? 
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(Side note: NEVER EVER commit sui­cide! No lost lover is ever worth this. Love is a living thing, it ends and it starts from the begin­ning - again and again! If you don’t believe it ask a happy couple if they have ever felt like you now!)

What do you really want?

Never before has the search for „true love” (accord­ing to offi­cial sur­veys) been as pop­u­lar as it is today - while at the same time, never before have so many of us been so far away from this goal. And so we stum­ble on... and on... from one rela­tion­ship to the next in search of...

On the roof with an Angel :)
On the roof with an Angel :) (View on flickr)

well, what exactly?

Moving in together: Is life really over now?

Moving in together can raise fright­en­ing ques­tions. Ques­tions like:

‚Is life really over now?’

‚Will I become old and narrow-minded?’...

But it can also con­sti­tute an undreamt-of source of eupho­ria. After all, a mutual flat gen­er­ates an incom­pa­ra­ble feel­ing of close­ness.
Well... the most impor­tant ques­tion is: How does this close­ness affect a modern rela­tion­ship?

Moving in together: "... undreamt-of source of euphoria" (Scene from '13 stages')
Moving in together: „... undreamt-of source of eupho­ria” (Scene from ’13 stages’) (View on flickr)
Stuck in daily routine: "Yet as soon as the flat is completely furnished, silence reigns between those four walls." (Scene from '13 stages')
Stuck in daily rou­tine: „Yet as soon as the flat is com­pletely fur­nished, silence reigns between those four walls.” (Scene from ’13 stages’) (View on flickr)
Moving in together: Is life really over now? 
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fucked by love

‚When you have loved and lost, you are fucked. You don’t want to begin a new rela­tion­ship because how could you pos­si­bly LOVE another? You don’t want a fling because in the shadow of real love what would be the point? You don’t want to be alone because it hurts too much. You can’t be with the one you lost because he or she is either dead or sleep­ing with some­one else.’

"I suffer for days and weeks. I suffer." (Scene from '13 stages')
„I suffer for days and weeks. I suffer.” (Scene from ’13 stages’) (View on flickr)
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