Beautiful love poem / performance

Neil Hilborn’s beau­ti­ful / heart­break­ing poem „OCD” about his one true love:

TIP: If you’re on stage 13 out there write a poem too!

Even if you suck in writ­ing and your poem sounds like writ­ten by a child - (which is prob­a­bly just your con­fused self-perception shortly after a breakup!) - it will help you deal with your pain.

And if you have the guts go to a poetry slam, per­form your poem there and get your ex back. Like it hap­pened to that guy. (Which we don’t rec­om­mend because it won’t work. Like it also hap­pened to that guy accord­ing to his com­ments on reddit...)

Write a poem now!

And don’t forget to submit it to our diary! ;)

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