The Diary

A storytelling experiment

Con­tribute to our com­mu­nity diary, get sup­port or com­ments from the com­mu­nity, get your story shot with real actors - and, in the end, become part of our upcom­ing fea­ture film!

Many people have sent us fan mail after they have seen our short film ’13 stages’. Many of them were on ‚Stage 13′, the hor­ri­ble stage after you have lost some­one... And our movie, they said, was kind of a com­fort and helped them to get over the crisis. We inspired them to tell us their sto­ries of love and loss - and it helped them!

A new idea was born! :)

The first date: "Don't let it get you down. The world is full of women." (Scene from '13 stages')
The first date: „Don’t let it get you down. The world is full of women.” (Scene from ’13 stages’) (View on flickr)
Masked sex (Scene from '13 stages')
Masked sex (Scene from ’13 stages’) (View on flickr)
"Where were you?" (Scene from '13 stages')
„Where were you?” (Scene from ’13 stages’) (View on flickr)

 A Community Diary

Now, we thought, if we inspired so many people to share their sto­ries with us, why don’t we start a com­mu­nity diary and share our love sto­ries with the world? And it would be nice if other people - espe­cially the ones who cur­rently are in love - com­ment on that, leave a few sup­port­ing words, share energy and love...

The diary could be a place to find help and com­fort - or to express hap­pi­ness about a new love.

We May shoot your diary entry!

From time to time we may ask some of the authors for per­mis­sion to shoot their sto­ries as short movies with real actors.

We also want the diary let inspire US to write the script for the upcom­ing fea­ture ver­sion of our movie ’13 stages’. So, if you add an entry to the com­mu­nity diary you (or your love story) may be part of a fea­ture film!

We still don’t know how exactly it’s gonna work. It’s a sto­ry­telling exper­i­ment.

Contribute to the diary!

No matter at what stage you are - the first date, the first sex, moving in together, break­ing up... share your expe­ri­ence, get sup­port­ing words, tell us YOUR love story!

Btw, Julius and Laura (the main char­ac­ters of our movie) write in the diary, too. They may even write about a story from the planned fea­ture film. We’d appre­ci­ate your com­ments! :)

"During this phase, you feel that everything, absolutely everything the other person does is somehow sweet." (Scene from '13 stages')
„During this phase, you feel that every­thing, absolutely every­thing the other person does is some­how sweet.” (Scene from ’13 stages’) (View on flickr)
New flat - "... undreamt-of source of euphoria" (Scene from '13 stages')
New flat - „... undreamt-of source of eupho­ria” (Scene from ’13 stages’) (View on flickr)
Flying horse (Scene from '13 stages')
Flying horse (Scene from ’13 stages’) (View on flickr)