Get over an ex with a new relationship?

In the first sequence of the movie Julius, the main char­ac­ter in ’13 stages’, is about to commit sui­cide because he has loved and lost her. In the moment when he almost puts his foot on the heav­ily traf­ficked lane a strange woman pulls him back. She lit­er­ally saves his life - and Julius imme­di­ately falls in love with her!

Julius and Laura
Julius and Laura

In the first days Laura helps Julius to get over his last relationship.

But... has such a rela­tion­ship a chance or is it star-crossed from the very begin­ning? Can a new lover ever help some­one to get over a seri­ous rela­tion­ship or do we just take advan­tage of them?

Get over an ex with a new relationship? 

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  • Yes, being churned up inside is the best pre­con­di­tion to start some­thing new! 0 (0%)
  • It’s not a good omen but it’s pos­si­ble to manage it. 0 (0%)
  • A fling can help to get back self esteem... 0 (0%)
  • A fling can destroy your last bit of self respect... 0 (0%)
  • No, this is not love, it’s just co-dependency. 0 (0%)
  • Never! Your ex will always be part of the new relationship! 0 (0%)
  • You should learn to be on your own again before you are ready for some­one new! 0 (0%)
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(Side note: NEVER EVER commit sui­cide! No lost lover is ever worth this. Love is a living thing, it ends and it starts from the begin­ning - again and again! If you don’t believe it ask a happy couple if they have ever felt like you now!)

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