fucked by love

‚When you have loved and lost, you are fucked. You don’t want to begin a new rela­tion­ship because how could you pos­si­bly LOVE another? You don’t want a fling because in the shadow of real love what would be the point? You don’t want to be alone because it hurts too much. You can’t be with the one you lost because he or she is either dead or sleep­ing with some­one else.’

"I suffer for days and weeks. I suffer." (Scene from '13 stages')
„I suffer for days and weeks. I suffer.” (Scene from ’13 stages’) (View on flickr)

‚With no real options left, you balm your pain with fan­tasy and memory. You lie alone in bed, haunted by the tingle of phan­tom limbs. When the rebound rela­tion­ship comes along, you may be sleep­ing with some­one new but you are making love to the ghost of the one you lost.

Finally, you must face the truth. The only way to cast out your ghost is to fall hard for some­one new ~ some­one who might hurt you even more deeply. In this way, you heal your broken heart prepar­ing for it to be broken again.’

I must find someone who can hurt me more deeply.

(andrew boyd)


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